WW1 1913 Pattern P14 Rifle Bayonet

WW1 1913 Pattern P14 Rifle Bayonet

SKU: DGS000492

An original WW1 1913 Pattern P14 Rifle Bayonet with an original green military painted leather scabbard, with leather belt frog attachments. Stamped 1917 with the ignited grenade and Eagle's head, Frankford Arsenal mark. These bayonets were made under contract for the British P17 rifle during the first world war. When the USA declared war upon Germany, the bayonets were taken by the US military and used on the model 1917 Enfield rifle.


The scabbard is dated 1918 and the bayonet is dated 1917, with the marks D98 on the handle.


This bayonet is in excellent condition.


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