L60A2 37mm Baton Round (Rubber Bullet) - Inert Display Only

L60A2 37mm Baton Round (Rubber Bullet) - Inert Display Only

SKU: DGS000423

Rubber bullets were invented by the British Ministry of Defence for use against rioters in Northern Ireland during The Troubles.

The L21A1 Baton Round was was first used in 1970 in Northern Ireland.In June 2005 the L21A1 was replaced by the L60A2. It was developed to reduce the risk of inflicting death or serious injury from a head strike, and achieves this by incorporating a hollow nose. On impact with soft tissue this remains intact, but on striking a hard target like the head or breast-bone, it deforms to reduce the peak impact by between one third and a half. This round is known as the AEP, which stands for Attenuated Energy Projectile. The cartridge case, projectile weight and muzzle velocity remain the same as the L21A1, but the case is painted light grey instead of the black of earlier baton rounds. The AEP is claimed to exceed 95% accuracy against a 400mm x 600mm target at 50 meters.



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